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Election Day


"This page represents my values as a senator through the endorsers that support me. Each one is near and dear to me and reflect a part of who I choose to be and what I choose to advocate for. I actively fight for our shared principles and will continue to do so throughout my time here in Jefferson City as one of the MO. 32nd District Senators."
- Jill Carter
Missouri Right To Life

upholds and promotes the sanctity of all innocent human life.

This endorsement represents our selection of you as the only candidate in your race who will be an effective voice for the protection of innocent human life...  We take great care in choosing candidates to support in elections.  In addition to survey responses and pro-life involvement in the community, we also consider past pro-life leadership, sponsorship and voting records both in committee and on the floor.  We hope that our efforts will be helpful to you and look forward to working with you in the days ahead.

Dave Plemmons, Chairman
NRA National Rifle Association

Jill has a record of serving with conservative warriors in defense of

gun rights.

Jill has an "A" (AQ) based on the questionnaire which is the highest rating with the

NRA that a nonincumbent can receive.  (click to go to the rating)

Missouri Firearms Coalition

Jill is the only candidate supported by the Missouri Firearms Coalition 

(click to learn more)  and the author of SAPA (Second Amendment Preservation Act)

"My favorite, Jill Carter, evaluates every issue...perhaps the one thing that most

distinguishes Jill Carter from her opponent, though, is her uncompromising

commitment to fiercely fight to protect our liberty.  I have witnessed years of it." 

-  Ron Calzone

Bev Ehlen

Missouri Director Concerned Woman for America

I first met Jill in the people’s opposition to Common Core, and she has continued to make a difference in her family, her community, and her state. Jill understands the history of our constitutional republic and the importance of government doing only that which the U.S. Constitution and Missouri Constitutions allow.

Jill Carter is truly a constitutional conservative and understands the proper role of civil government.

She knows the importance of strong marriages and families. They illustrate the values of hard work, faith and a dedication to community.


I have known Jill to articulate her beliefs well. She is a woman of deep faith, strong convictions, and outstanding moral character. She is very conservative and will represent the people of the 32nd very well. She will be an outstanding state senator.

Jill Noble

Former State Director National Day of Prayer

Former Kansas City Area Director Concerned Women for America

Jill and I worked together for a number of years at the state capital drafting policy and collaborating with other grassroots Missourians which passed into law. Jill is a person of integrity and is tenacious in her research of the issues. She is not a newcomer to the political arena and has had many personal wins under her belt which speaks to her strong Conservative leadership skills. She will be an exceptionally strong addition to the conservative caucus.  Give her your support and help put a conservative back in Newton and Jasper County.

Jill Noble.jpeg
Mary Byrne

National Speaker and co-founding member of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core, a graduate of Columbia University with a Masters in Ed in curriculum and instructional design.

I first met Jill in 2013 when she and her husband used some of their vacation money to rent the local high school gym and invited me to tell their friends and neighbors about the political agenda behind Common Core State Standards.  Jill cared more for the long-term future of her children and her community's children than her personal comfort. 


That's Jill- then and now.

Jill has been a tireless leader in the grassroots community through the years and will champion the issues that matter to parents in a way that builds relationships, and strengthens families and constitutional governance.

I am proud to endorse my friend Jill Carter as the senator from the 32nd.

Mary Byrne.jpg
Gail Griswald

Mom, business owner, school board member, Camdenton, Mo. 

We need true conservatives that honor traditional values and that can protect our children from outside agendas.  I have seen JIll Carter work tirelessly at the State Capitol to advocate against government overreach.  

I am proud to endorse Jill Carter for State Senate as I know she will be the true conservative voice to protect our children.  

United for Principled Politics

We endorse according to a candidate's stance on far more than JUST one topic, We have endorsed Jill Carter--in fact, she was our FIRST endorsement of this 2022 election cycle!

UPP score decal.jpg
Dr. Douglas Frank

Election integrity expert, a 40-year modeler of pandemics and elections, a renowned scientist, and inventor.

Jill has been a part of and worked with people that are in the trenches in the state of Missouri for over a decade.  She understands the importance of the issues facing our nation and your state.  I have every confidence she will continue to work tirelessly to advocate for those in her district as she already has.

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