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Everyone has a story, here's mine.

Constituents welcomed on the Senate floor

                                                     is my favorite line. I believe in it; there is a depth and width to it that I'm passionately motivated by.  

I began my journey to the Capitol over a decade ago.  Cutting my teeth on the legislative process, not as a politician, or someone motivated by a title or influence, but as someone who traveled to the Capitol and across the state on my own dime, working on legislation to try to help our schools.    I worked with moms and dads from across the state, in an effort to bring attention to concerns we were seeing to members of the legislature.  I worked closely with Senator Ed Emery, to pass a bill that we hoped would help our schools.  That work led to years of behind-the-scenes efforts on many other issues, with people from across the state that are just like you and me.  


I know what it feels like to sit on the other side of government. That decade of advocacy armed with hope and a passion for the people of Southwest Missouri.  This community is comprised of the people who, at such an early age, positively impacted and changed my life forever.  I owe this community much of my happiness that I enjoy today.  My love for where we live, my love for my special needs son, my other four children, and two granddaughters, animates my determination to work hard for the people of Southwest Missouri.  I was not made for political theatre; I am you.  My husband and I come from a long line of farmers, a love of this country is in my DNA.  We owned a business for 18 years and have a farm where we have cattle and appreciate spending some free time with our family, friends and our horses.  We know what it's like to work hard, fight to feed and take care of family, all while trying to keep government at bay.  ​​

Service to others has always been at my core.  I am on a mission to empower the people in our district and put them first.  I am committed to working hard to do my part to ensure that our country, state, and community feel served by the government that was designed to do just that.  I'm working to put the people of SWMo. back in the driver's seat.  Join me.  

Where You Came In

We the People
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