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Why I ran for State Senate

Jill's experience being in the capital for years and working as a citizen advocate, have given her a passion for ensuring that the people of her district come first.  She knows what it feels like to sit on the other side of government, hoping for change. That decade of advocacy, coupled with her passion for her special needs son, her other four children, and one granddaughter, feeds her determination to work for the people of Southwest Missouri.

Jill is surrounded by family who have given service to their country. Though her service was different, she recognized the stewardship of her grandfather, father, and siblings. She will never forget watching her siblings leave for basic training, their years of service and the sacrifice of our military and Veterans.

Jill's family owned a business for 18 years and has a farm where they have horses and cattle. She is committed to ensuring that our country, state, and community have what they need to thrive, succeed, and ultimately, remain free for generations to come.

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