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My Why

I believe relationships make life meaningful. Being a wife and a mother has been the greatest blessing of my life. I married my high school sweetheart, and together we have raised five amazing children who have become our best friends. Our two-year-old granddaughter also has our hearts wrapped around her little finger.

I became an advocate for children when one of my own was diagnosed with autism. I knew that if I was struggling to find appropriate support, there must be others feeling the same. Through a partnership created with my local school district, we introduced cutting-edge therapists to SW MO. We facilitated training for area teachers, faculty, and community leaders. We knew that education, advocacy, and support for these children were a priority, and we began to recognize the need in the community. Through these workshops, it enabled local community members, families, and service providers to become better equipped to meet the needs of young children.

I have a passion for education and integrity. I have advocated for local control and autonomy of schools for more than a decade. Because of my advocacy and involvement, I was selected to help identify teachers, parents, and community leaders in developing the Missouri Learning Standards and was a member of the K-5 English standards writing team.

I have worked with other statewide citizen advocates and conservative organizations. For over a decade, I have worked to support the passage of election integrity, gun rights, pro-life legislation, educational freedom, and worked in support of conservative candidates nationally and across Missouri.

I love helping those in need through community service and engagement. Connecting community needs to resources is my passion. It assists in overcoming poverty through partnerships with not-for-profits, faith-based groups, community members, and leaders.

I love the principles of hard work and integrity. My family and I come from a line of family farmers, and we owned a small, local business for 15 years. We continue to foster and pass down these principles through working together on our multi-generational farm with our children and extended family. 

Politics is done by addition and multiplication, not by division and subtraction. As a teen, I relished the vision that Reagan inspired for this country. I believe that it's the goodness and passion of the average person pursuing their dreams that makes us thrive. I believe that YOU are the boots on the ground that understand how politics and policy impact all areas of your life, and that it is time you had a broader seat at the table. 

I will work to create an environment where conservative values are actually represented and not just advertised by politicians. A conservative, by definition, should protect what makes our country great. I believe that the first and highest burden of government is to advocate for the values and principles that help everyone in society thrive.

On August 1, 2010, this entry was published.

I believe most people want to be engaged in government and the process. A good leader often seeks to listen and then to be heard. Too many times, politics is a vacuum of silos where information is one-sided, usually from the top down. I believe that the first responsibility of those who hold office is to gain an understanding of how policy impacts those they serve. When was the last time you felt that the government was really working for you? Me too.

I respectfully ask for your vote on August 2nd. As your senator, I am mutually pledged to the principles that have made us great and that can help us feel good about government again.


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