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Educational Freedom

We need educational freedom. Parents and schools have left us grappling with ever-decreasing morale and a struggling educational environment for teachers and students.

The fact is that public education has never been more generously supported by the taxpayer, and yet we continue to see Missouri test scores in continual decline. This has left many parents, students, and teachers feeling helpless and unable to do anything about it.

I would work to pass legislation that would remove the chokehold of mandates that bind public schools to bureaucratic mandates that would incentivize local autonomy and community engagement. I believe in authentic local control. All parents should have options, whether in their public schools or their choice to home educate.

I am passionate about the ability of parents to oversee and participate in the education of their children.​  I will work to encourage school freedom while fighting for authentic local control.

Strong Communities

I am pro-life. I believe that all human life is precious and should be celebrated and protected from conception through natural death. 

We live in a culture where the nuclear family is disincentivized through government policy and services. We need to approach the needs of families on a variety of levels.  I would work to support positive family structures and would work to improve the circumstances of children in the foster care system. 


I would work to support those struggling with addictions and poverty through community education and engagement through relationships that would foster a True Charity model. 

Health Freedom

Shifting the cost of healthcare does not lower prices—it merely changes who pays the costs. A "single-payer" health system is a government-controlled health care system. Government is the "single-payer." In most versions of single-payer, most private health insurance is either outlawed or restricted, and most public health programs are absorbed into the single national health insurance program.


Many of the healthcare issues need to be dealt with on the federal level, but as a state, we can:

  • Encourage an environment where insurance companies have the ability to cross state lines.

  • Work to encourage opportunities for employees to keep their healthcare plans even when they change jobs.

  • Adopt policies that increase price transparency so that patients understand the true cost of healthcare services.

  • Create more competition and cost-share programs that lower prices.

I believe the solution to lowering the cost of healthcare must come from free-market solutions.

Strong Economy

 I would support the principle of the Hancock Amendment and the Missouri Republican Platform that brings the issue of tax increases to the vote of the People.  

I would support the proposed Missouri Property Tax and Income Tax relief to help us become more in line with other thriving states that have implemented those policies.

I would work to remove barriers that prevent communities from fostering more direct resources and relationships with local agriculture.

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