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2024 Legislative Session

Beginning this 2024 session, I am working to get multiple bills through legislation. These bills are important as they reflect standards and subjects that are important to the people of Missouri, as well as to me. While there are multiple bills, they all fall under these subjects : 

- Protect Missouri Farmlands/Farmers

     - SB 908: This act requires any earthen basin or lagoon containing certain waste originating from any commercial or industrial source to be considered a solid waste processing facility. 

     - SB 1064: This act amends the current product labeling to prevent misleading or false claims about origin, quality, or ingredients of products 

     - SB 1065: This act allows ATV's being used for agriculture to be tax exempt farm machinery. 

     - SB 1171: This act grants farmers the right to repair their own equipment without voiding warranties or violating terms of service from the manufacturer. 

- Protect Missouri Constitution 

      - SJR 77 : Prohibits foreign interests from directly or indirectly making contributions to initiative petitions and increases signature requirements and vote thresholds for initiative petitions proposing constitutional amendments.

- Protect our Education 

      - SB 1256: Ensures children must be called by their given name in classrooms and that radical ideology stays out of classrooms 

      - SB 1065: Establishes a program and fund to reimburse the costs of eligible students' tuition, books, and fees to certain approved institutions. 

      - SB 1120: Establishes a presidential preference primary election to be held on the first Tuesday in march of each year in which a presidential election is held

       - SB 814: Modifies provisions relating to statewide assessment system, school accountability report cards, and the powers and duties of the State Board of Education. 

       - SB 1170: Protects the rights of students to express their thoughts freely in public and private colleges that receive government funds. 

If any of these topics calls out to you, feel free to read through the bills in the included PDF file link below, and sign petitions. These petitions not only show support for these bills to our legislation, they prove that the Missourian people are paying attention, they are fighting for what they believe in, and their voices should be heard. 

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